Different A

We have been given this formula:y=2x²-2x-12.The first term which is A is different from the examples before,it multiplys 2.

We can briefly conclude this formula as the folloing statment.

The input times it self and times two,after that,it minus 2 of itself,and minus 12.

We can draw y=x²-x-6 (divide by 2) to compare them.

So we have this following graph.

As we learned previously,the different Y-intercepts are in different location because of term C.

But why the purple cruve looks more precipitous than the green cruve?That is because in term a,the green cruve's inputs are just multiplying themself and out puts are made.The purple cruve multiplys 2 after it multiplys itself,so in the same space,purple lime will go higher than the green line.


Now we have learned some key points about quadratic functions,we should now learn how to draw them.

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