Linear Function

The X and Y axises goes infinitive long.

X axis represents the input and Y axis is the output.

Let's Use the example Y=X+1.We already have a table of values.We can now plug them onto the graph.

We know that Y=2 when X =1. so we simply make a dot where X1 and Y2 joint.Like the graph below.

Let's keep pluging in the other dots.And you should see the following graph below

 Now,that's what makes function,this interesting mathematical topic.We know that there are infinite of numbers.Which means we can also plug in 1.1 1.2 1.3 ......

WHICH MEANS THERE WILL BE INFINITE DOTS ON THE GRAPH.Because they are too close to each other,they form a line,a line has no end.Like the graph below.


The arrow heads mean the line goes on infinitely long.

The function we just graphed is called a linear function.Because it just a line.There are still some more functions like Quadratic function,Cubic function,quartic function.We will cover them.



We will learn more about linear functions in the next section

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